Rockwood Opportunity Conference

Self-sufficiency is not about going it alone. It takes a community to stamp out poverty. It is about building a network of useful resources that will support the individual in their struggle to escape poverty. The purpose of the conference is to break the cycle of poverty through the practice of interdependence with the community to achieve independence for the individual. It’s about sharing skills and building a network to take advantage of the help from the community. It’s about bringing the people living in poverty out of isolation while paying attention to their perspectives.

The heart of the Opportunity Community is the relationship between neighbors and navigators. What is a neighbor or navigator? A neighbor is someone who is in need of stabilizing and removing crisis from their lives, while a navigator is someone who is a neighbor's advocate and provides direction for neighbors to resources and build capacity in neighbor's lives. To learn more about the neighbor/navigator relationship or to become a navigator please visit our navigator page.

To register as a guest or volunteer (including our Navigators) please click here.

The Opportunity Conference is an approach that is solution focused, customer centric, family based, strength oriented, needs driven and involves developing customized strategies for each individual. It brings together people who have skills to build professional enhancement, personal growth, and inspiration with the individuals whose success is dependent on the development of these attributes. The conference provides the community the opportunity and the capacity to fight poverty while embracing those who experience it in a constructive partnership.

Dr. Donna Beggle shares about the Opportunity Conference